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Nutrition expert, organic zealot, healer, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Nicolette Richer founded The Green Moustache Organic Café, which operates in Whistler and Squamish. Nicolette uses good food and a great attitude to make healthier humans and neighbourhoods. When not busy with all that, she is hanging out with her three daughters, dog and partner, Pierre (who does not have a Green Moustache).

Live Your Passion!

Do you:

  • Want to bring nutritious, delicious food to your community?
  • Have a passion for health and love working with people?
  • Strive to make a difference?
  • Desire a beautiful place where people come together, where wellness is celebrated and where people find what they need to heal their bodies?

Did you:

  • Say YES to all of the above? Not sure you have the experience or know-how to make it happen?

You're in the right place!

Owning a Green Moustache Organic Café is more than just being in business for yourself. You can turn your passion for great food and healthy lifestyles into an affordable and profitable business that makes your community a healthier place.

Walk with me through an informative webinar that outlines the clear, simple steps needed to become a Green Moustache franchisee and open your own organic café. Even if you have no business experience, the Green Moustache can make you a successful restaurantrepreneur.* Just like me.

You will learn about financing, getting a great location, permitting, building a great space, training and more.

Our mission is to feed The Green Moustache revolution - a plant-powered, progressive movement that starts in the soil and ends, well, it never ends until we kick cancer and chronic disease in the ass.  We will work with you to build a successful, sustainable Green Moustache Organic Café.

We look forward to having you join us for this webinar! 

*Restaurantrepreneur – A person who combines a passion for community with a love of food to create a successful Green Moustache Organic Café and a healthier community.